Quality of Material and Filling

exceptional material

Exceptional Cover Material

Made out of exceptional materials with high class and durability performance ROOMOX® is one of the leading beanbags currently on the market. Years of experience in the industry have led our design and production professional to devise comprehensive qualities to this simple, in first glance, product. The sturdy cover material offers long-term usage and protection to your product, prolonging the natural effects of wear and tear. The microfiber composition of the cover is engineered to offer durability and resistance with water repellent qualities, allowing the versatile use of this multifunctional product.


Eco-Friendly and Quality Filling

The ROOMOX® beanbag is filled with 100% recycled material that not only offers great seating comfort but is also environmentally friendly, protecting the available natural resources specifically chosen for its lightweight qualities. Our filling material adapts to the body’s shape and form offering maximum relaxation by supporting your back and relieving pressure from your spine. One of its popular advantages is to absorb and reflect the heat of the body creating a pleasant, cosy feel, adding to its exceptional comfort in comparison to other filling materials. The filling of the ROOMOX® beanbag is smell free and produces minimum noise when adjusting its shape.


indoor and outdoor use

Versatile Indoors and Outdoors Use

With its repellent cover, the ROOMOX® beanbag is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. The structure of the outer cover doesn’t permit the absorption of water, keeping the liquid drops on the surface. Its fast drying properties make the ROOMOX® beanbag the perfect lounger for the pool, garden or terrace, offering a comfortable and fun seating solution to enjoy the outdoors. This product is equally suitable for inside the house, as a multifunctional seating option for the living room or bedroom.


easy maintenance

Easy to Maintain

An important benefit of the ROOMOX® beanbag is it’s easy to clean and maintain outer cover. Stains, dust and grime can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth, without the use of chemical solutions. This adds to the kid-friendly qualities of the product, making it a favorite for play and relaxation amongst the youngsters of the family. Easy to maintain, the ROOMOX® beanbag is also animal-friendly offering a comfortable spot for your furry friends at home.

strong stiching and zipper

Extra Strong Stitching and Zipper

For additional protection and sturdiness the ROOMOX® beanbag is produced with extra strong double stitching with high resistance to pressure and weight. The durable zipper has a safe-lock plus Velcro fastener eliminating of the filling beads escaping.