Our DYH 3D Room Planner will unleash your inner design creativity, allowing you to form, furnish and picture any room of your home exactly how you want it. Easy to use, with intuitive navigation, you can now create state-of-the-art 3D visualizations of your dream home, to get inspired and shop with confidence.
Upload or choose your floor plan
You can import the exact layout of your room with a few simple steps. Download and print the marker from the 3D Room Planner application and position it in the centre of the room, which you want to decorate. Take a quick snap shot and import the picture onto the application. Once uploaded, you can instantly start creating and applying your design vision. You can also choose a ready-made floor plan from the vast selection of room layouts available in the app.
Furnish and decorate
Looking for Scandinavian simplicity or rather an industrial chic ambience? You can spend hours or mere minutes in furnishing and infusing your personal style to your room. Simply choose, drag and position any items from our wide range of furniture collections and brands, available in different variations and colours.
Visualize in 3D
Once completed, you can have a virtual walkthrough in the room you have designed to instantly see the results of your creativity. Download and save a picture of your interior or modify until you achieve the look you had in mind.

Access everywhere

Our 3D Room Planner is available on Web and iPad so you can easily synchronise your design panning and smoothly switch across different devices. The intuitive platform allows you to move around furniture and home accessories from our extensive catalogue with your fingertips or by a computer mouse to achieve and visualize the desired overall look. No need for complicated software and programme installations, simply go to and unleash your creative charge for interior design and aesthetics.


Shop with confidence

Export a list with all the items used in your room remodelling and confidently shop the variations, colours and textures to bring your design vision to life.

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